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Second Quarterly Meeting –
TANG AO – Tangible & Intangible By Kris Yao

In this talk, Kris Yao will present his recent works, including Water-Moon Monastery, Eslite Suzhou, New Taipei Museum, and Palace Museum-Southern Branch. Through these projects,he will explain how he employs the meaning of “Tang” and “Ao” in his pursuit of architectural design and artistic conception. For more photos, please click HERE

King George V School Performing Arts Block Building Tour

The King George V School Performing Arts Block is a 2014 AIA Hong Kong award-winning project by Ronald Lu & Partners.

The building embraces a majestic 18m-high Banyan tree in the form of the student canteen, which occupies the lower two storeys of the new block. An amphitheatre was carefully designed around the tree, allowing space to flow from the Performing Tree Deck up to the first floor of the outdoor patio, providing a seamless connection to the open grounds of the main campus. Balconies outside the music and drama studios on each floor function as breakout spaces and performing pods while overlooking the tree and the performance deck below. <For more info & photos, please click HERE

AIA Hong Kong Advanced Technology Lecture Series: Technology and Material

The rapid pace of technological development over the last few decades has fundamentally altered the ways in which technology affects our lives and our work. The Advanced Technology Lecture is a three-part series focused on innovative uses of technology in the architectural and design professions.  Each event in the series will feature multiple speakers from the local and regional design community who are pushing the boundaries of technology within their research and practice.  The lectures will provide an important insight into how the practice of architecture is being impacted by technological innovation.  The series is a critical platform to exchange ideas and discuss the use of technology in our profession, not to mention a chance to highlight some of the best design talent in the Hong Kong and East Asia region. For more photos, please click HERE

Asia Society Hong Kong: Architecture as the Embodiment of an Opera

Afternoon dialogue with TOYO ITO, Architect; and performance by BULAREYAUNG DANCE COMPANY
Registration 2:15pm
Introduction 2:30pm;
Dialogue 2:50pm;
Performance 5:20pm 

“The National Taichung Theater is not just a building that houses the opera. The entire architecture itself is an opera. One can feel the flow of air, sound and light not only in the foyer, but within the restaurant, sky garden and everywhere else in the building. One feels overwhelmed by the grandeur of a cosmic brilliance coming out of the architecture.” –Toyo Ito

One of the global landmarks acclaimed by Reuters, the Taichung National Theater will officially open in the autumn of 2016. The building is designed by the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Toyo Ito, whose design features curved wall structures which he describes as a sound cave. Toyo Ito will have a dialogue with the artistic & executive director of National Taichung Theater, Victoria Wang, on the architecture, arts and people. The dialogue will be followed by a drinks reception and performance by Bulareyaung Dance Company. Bulareyaung is the first residential artist of Taichung National Theater as well as the artistic director of the Dance Company.

For more info & RSVP, please click HERE

Dani Sustainable Leather:
A perfect balance between tradition and technology

This seminar will explain how leather is manufactured and how different finishing techniques can be applied to differentiate various products used by all of us every day.

We will learn about the steps in the production cycle, when this by-product of the food industry is transformed into the noble material used in furniture, interior design, automobiles, shoes and leather accessories, transportation and consumer electronics.

The seminar will also outline the improvements being made in the tanning industry, where there is a new emphasis on sustainability and satisfying our current needs without compromising what is available for future generations. Among these changes, one of the most important is the production of leather with zero Impact on the environment. For more photos, please click HERE

Building Tour –
Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Located in the heart of the central business district, the Asia Society Hong Kong Center (the “Center”) is situated at the Old Victoria Barracks, Former Explosives Magazine site. Steeped in history, cultural significance and natural beauty it is an excellent example of Conservation Architecture in Hong Kong. For more photos, please click HERE