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JAZZ – Recording and reproduction of this unique music

AIA Hong Kong events are definitely not ‘all work and no play.’

On Thursday, the 27th of February, Kenneth Yun of Betrue, along with his daughter, Victoria, turned the Essess Showroom in Central into a veritable auditorium and brought us an enjoyable evening of music appreciation and recording techniques in the process.

Kenneth first played symphonic music as recorded at different European concert halls to demonstrate how post production methods affect both sound quality and ‘depth’.  He then moved on to contemporary singers and musicians, featuring a Diana Krall recording reproduced to 3 different specifications – the lowest of which rendered her voice (relatively) far away and flat, the second coming closer to the audience, and finally, at the highest specification, so close that she seemed to be singing inside your head.

Other featured artists included Sting, from a live concert in Berlin, as well as the duo of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli who sang the plaintive Time to Say Goodbye.

Everyone had a great time and many proposed that such a fun event should become a monthly occurrence.

Our thanks to Kim Wang for arranging this evening, to Kenneth Yun of Betrue for the presentation and to Savio Pesavento of Essess for providing the venue.



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