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William Lim’s Search for the No Colours


Stepping into William Lim’s studio in Wong Chuk Hang is like entering an alternate universe. As the heavy metal door opens, I’m immediately greeted with a white neon sign mounted on transparent acrylic that reads “Hong Kong Is Our Museum” and to my left a taxidermy hen is placed precariously on the floor. Turning the corner, a man of slight frame with black-rim glasses dressed in a crisp white shirt greets me. Lim shows me around his studio, a treasure trove filled with works by local artists Lee Kit, Nadim Abbas, Tang Kwok-hin, and South Ho. After a quick lap of the space, we settle on a sofa to chat about how his collection came about, his recently released book The No Colors and how he feels Hong Kong art has changed over the years. READ More >

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