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AIA Hong Kong – January 2016 President’s Message

Dear Members and Friends,

What matters to society matters to architects.

Our objectives are to provide solutions for affordable housing, infrastructure, transportation systems, and to impact positively toward a sustainable future. To do those things requires a well thought-out, integrated approach, and teamwork. AIA Hong Kong encourages its members to participate and to share knowledge in order to uphold the quality of design, education and professional practice, and to further improve the quality of our built environment.

While pondering my mission statement as the incoming, 2016 Chapter president, I observed a paradigm shift in the attitude of the young generation since the Fall of 2014. Young people are more vocal and more determined to speak out on issues that matter to them, taking a stand and simply trying to make a difference in society.

Inspired by the actions of these young activists, I want to advance the Young Architects Initiative as the theme for 2016. The Chapter will provide platforms to empower these emerging architects, showcase their designs and projects, encourage them to push boundaries and raise questions, and allow them to speak their minds. Through these dialogues I believe we can continue to drive positive change through the power of design.

In 2016, the Chapter will explore topics concerning design excellence in architecture, city planning, advanced technologies and sustainability. The Chapter will provide an outstanding speakers series, building tours, members networking/social events, the annual Honors & Awards ceremony and the annual dinner. In line with this year’s Young Architect Initiative, two Young Architects Forums will be held – one each in March and September. The Chapter will need all your support to make these programs successful.

It’s important that we hear from each and every one of you. I encourage you to engage in Chapter programs, to come back with suggestions to help the Chapter improve and become even more relevant to our shared profession.

To quote one AIA leader, “The value of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the collective strength of the members working together on behalf of their individual practices and the collective vitality of our profession.”



Kenneth Hau AIA, HKIA

2016 President, AIA Hong Kong

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