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Building Design with Automation


Dear Members and Friends,

This webinar will address the future of building design utilising automation and artificial intelligence. Anthony Hauck, chair of the AIA Innovation Awards Committee and COO of Hypar, will introduce our members to their proprietary software and demonstrate how it can be used to automate the generation of building design proposals. Experts and newcomers alike will learn how the Hypar ecosystem eliminates the drudgery of routine tasks and fosters quality and consistency.

You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to join. Install the application prior to the meeting.

1. Please use your real name for registration so that we can credit 1 LU to you.
2. All attendees should mute their audio during the presentation to avoid signal interference.
3. On this occasion, only the host and panellists will be allowed to speak.
4. You may, however, type questions in the Q&A box at the bottom of your zoom screen.
5. The panellists will review your questions and provide responses, time allowing.
6. The presentation will be recorded.

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Speaker’s Profile


Anthony Hauck, COO of Hypar


Anthony Hauck had more than 20 years’ experience in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) IT before entering the software sector. As a member of the AIA CIO Large Firm Roundtable, he was part of a community of CIOs who helped guide their firms through the transition to BIM while developing methodologies for project collaboration still in use today.

Joining the Autodesk Revit development team in 2007, Anthony became the Director of AEC Product Management and, finally, the Director of Product Strategy for AEC Generative Design.

He founded Hypar with his partner, Ian Keough, in 2018 and recently had a chance to return to his AIA roots by chairing the 2019 AIA Innovation Awards committee.