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Smart Project Delivery & Documentation Automation | May 18, 2021


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Sustainable design and the impact that buildings and the construction industry have on the environment and climate change are of increasing importance worldwide. As architects, we have a shared responsibility to develop our cities without negatively impacting the use of resources and energy, and by minimizing the production of waste.

How can BIM assist?

BIM ensures that architects have more control over every aspect of their projects, from the way that spaces are arranged and oriented to the selection of materials and the efficiency of construction systems. Once a Digital Twin, or Virtual Project, has been created it is easy to evaluate each project in the virtual environment before the actual construction takes place. We can thereby make a big difference on the impact of what we design by optimizing our projects in terms of reduced energy consumption, the use of recycled materials – where possible – proper access and orientation, and the minimization of waste by careful control of quantities.

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Speaker’s Profile




Eugenio Fontan 
•    Master in Architecture – UPM (Spain)
•    ARB Registered Architect
•    HKIBIM Member


Eugenio Fontan is currently based in Hong Kong and has more than 12 years of experience on different kinds of projects using BIM in combination with other technologies. He has practiced in Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia and is a Co-Founder of Enzyme APD, an international architecture and technology implementation firm. Currently with GRAPHISOFT, Eugenio utilizes BIM software to increase architects’ productivity and efficiency on a consultancy basis.