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History of Chapter Citations and Honorary Members


Designing Hong Kong (Charrette) (1998)

Chi Lin Nunnery (1999)

Friends of the Earth (1999)

Environmental Advisory Service/ReHabAid Society (2000)

Swire Properties Ltd. (2000)

Tess Johnston ✞ and Deke Erh (2001)

Jason Wordie (2001)

Shui On Group (Xintiandi, Shanghai) (2002)

Edward Stokes (2002)

Cultural Institute of the Macao SAR (2003)

Hong Kong Transport Department (2003)

Save our Shorelines (2003)

Society for Protection of the Harbour (2003)

Para/Site Art Space (2004)

Asian Cultural Council (2005)

American Hardwood Export Council SE Asia & Greater China (2006)

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture (2006)

Designing Hong Kong (Central Waterfront Design Competition) (2007)

Wang Jun (2008)

Chiu Kwong Chiu (2008)

Central & Western Concern Group (2009)

Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Architecture (2010)

Thomas Schmidt, AIA LEED AP (2010)

China Vanke Co. Ltd. (Vanke Headquarters, Shenzhen) (2011)

Asia Society Hong Kong Center (2012)

Green Glass Green (2012)

Roger Ho (Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage) (Posthumous Award) (2012) ✞

Gwulo: Old Hong Kong (2013)

Project Little Dream (2013)

SOHO China (2013)

Dare Koslow (2014)

MCCM Creations (2014)

Greg Girard & Ian Lambot (2014)

Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation (2014)

Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong (2015)

Hong Kong Green Building Council (2015)

Urban Discovery (2016)

Architecture For Children (2017)

Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government (2017)

Hong Kong Jockey Club (2018)

Link Asset Management Limited (2018)

Design Trust (2019)

Light Be (2019)

The Mills (2020)



Dr. Tao Ho FHKIA Hon.FAIA Hon. AIA (HK) (1998)

Prof. Tunney Lee Hon.HKIA Hon. AIA (HK) (1998)

Prof. Eric K.C. Lye OBE FRAIC FHKIA RIBA Hon. AIA (HK) (1998) ✞

Mr. Ye Rutang Hon.FAIA Hon. AIA (HK) (1998)

Mr. Zhang Qinnan Hon.FAIA Hon. AIA (HK) (1998)

Mr. Anthony H.H. Ng FHKIA RIBA Hon. AIA (HK) (1999)

Mr. I.M. Pei FAIA RIBA Hon. AIA (HK) (1999)

Mr. Winston K.S. Chu JP Hon. AIA (HK) (2000)

Ms. Christine K.W. Loh OBE JP Hon. AIA (HK) (2000)

Dr. M.T. Geoffrey Yeh SBS MBE JP Hon. AIA (HK) (2001)✞

Mr. Rocco S.K. Yim FHKIA RIBA Hon. AIA (HK) (2001)

Mr. Nicholas Brooke BBS JP FRICS FHKIS Hon. AIA (HK) (2002)

Dr. William F. Barron Hon. AIA (HK) (2003)

Mr. Allan Zeman GBS JP Hon. AIA (HK) (2006)

Mr. Paul Zimmerman Hon. AIA (HK) (2006)

Dr. Peter Cookson Smith MRTPI MHKIP Hon. AIA (HK) (2008)

Prof. Yung Ho Chang Hon. AIA (HK) (2009)

Ms. Margaret Brooke FRICS FHKIS Hon. AIA (HK) (2011)

Mr. Jason Wordie Hon. AIA (HK) (2011)

Dr. Lynne DiStefano HKICON Hon. AIA (HK) (2012)

Mr. Christopher Law RIBA HKIA Hon. AIA (HK) (2013)

Dr. Lee Ho Yin HKICON HKIUD Assoc. HKIA Hon. AIA (HK) (2014)

Dr. Victor Lo Chung Wing  GBS OBE JP Hon. AIA (HK) (2015)

Mr. Ruy Barretto SC Hon. AIA (HK) (2015)

Mr. Raymond Fung Wing-Kee, JP, Hon. AIA (HK) (2017)

Mr. Barry Fegan Will, FHKIA, RAIA, APA, Hon. AIA (HK) (2019)✞