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International Associate Membership
The International Associate category of membership is open to individuals who have a license to practice architecture or the equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority. International Associate members may indicate that they are International Associates of the American Institute of Architects, subject to the AIA bylaws, and may use the title “International Associate AIA.”

International Associate members are required to join both the AIA National component and the Hong Kong chapter. Membership dues are invoiced annually through the National component. For joining members dues are pro-rated by quarter, refer to the application form for exact amounts.
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To join the institute simply complete the application form, attach a copy of your credentials and return together with your payment to the AIA Hong Kong Chapter office. Note that all dues and amounts are given in U.S. Dollars. Processing time for membership applications is approximately 6-8 weeks. Upon receipt, your completed application will be reviewed for completeness. You will be contacted by email with any clarifications arising. Please ensure that your current email address indicated on your application form.

International Associate Application Form