AIA Hong Kong

Timber Scooper by Upscaling Operations Ltd.

Winner: Upscaling Operations Ltd.
Award: Merit Award for Un-built/Other & Sustainable Design Award

This design & fabrication project seeks to provide a way out to the wood recycling practice in Hong Kong. It promotes a more sustainable design methodology to be practiced by architects when using wood as material. Such design methodology runs parallel with a fabrication technique developed for the optimization of wood re-surfacing.

With the help of computation and digital fabrication, the architect can be well informed of the production, or re-production in this case, on construction materials and begins to take control over the fabrication process. Design decisions can be easily made based on the limits of the manufacturing process.

Parametric design is incorporated to give architects the control of such pattern. The profile of the stroke, the depth of stroke, separation between strokes within a row and the distance to the adjacent row can all be controlled. Intersections of these strokes are unpredictable as the control of each scoop is independent. Wood re-surfacing by means of organized scooping will therefore create an attractive organic pattern.

The aim of using recycled materials is to prolong the life-cycle of construction materials. It is often neglected by both the industry and the clients.

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