AIA Hong Kong

Honor Award for Interior Architecture: HKFYG PH2 Tai Po Youth Hostel & Youth S.P.O.T.

Winner: Architecture Commons Limited

Award: Honor Award for Interior Architecture



The HKFYG PH2 Tai Po Youth Hostel & Youth S.P.O.T. combines two facilities in one. From G/F to 3/F, it accommodates Youth S.P.O.T. and communal facilities for the Youth Hostel. From 4/F to 19/F are the residential floors, providing 78 units for youth at an affordable rent.

In terms of design, we have been mindful of creating a lively, youthful, yet neutral palette for the youth to express themselves. The perception of connectivity and tight-knit community is key, hence the extensive use of glass between rooms and with the terraces promotes interaction and wellness. The same is applied on the street level in facilitation of neighborhood engagement. All the function rooms encourage the users to create different kinds of programming that can evolve with the life of the building. Geometric lines and facets bring consistency to an integral design and in many instances literally connect disparate zones, such as G/F Youth Spot, grand staircase and 1/f Black Box Theatre.

The room designs are the result of user research, where through the collection of 500+ samples, we discovered that youths want different styles of rooms for their own stylistic preferences. Therefore, we created three different colour palettes and different furniture arrangements to suit the stylistic preferences from darker tones, to medium tones, to bright and white tones. Work is prioritized and we provide oversized L-shaped desks wherever applicable to make room for creativity. Each room is also equipped with a pantry and individual bathroom with shower.

At conception, with the consent of HAB and HKFYG, we knew the project cannot be just subsidized housing. We propose for HKFYG to incubate the youngsters’ ideas and efforts and to help them lift themselves from the low-income bracket, and our design ushers the programme along. With faith, we hope that the hostel will not only provide better living but also an institution where alumni can mentor younger generations for years to come.