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Honor Award for Interior Architecture: Mactan Cebu International Airport, Terminal 2

Winner: Integrated Design Associates Ltd
Award: Honor Award for Interior Architecture

Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) is the second largest airport in the Philippines. To meet traffic demands a new Terminal 2 for international traffic is planned to supplement the existing Terminal 1, which will be converted to Domestic use when T2 completes. The expanded facility is expected to transform MCIA from a city airport to a world-class international hub, as the main gateway to the central Philippine region.

The new Terminal 2 is designed for 4 million passengers per annum (mppa) at the initial phase of development, and is anticipated lo grow 10 8 mppa within the next 10 years. The modular design allows the terminal to expand incrementally, a basic building block configured for optimum adaptability to meet future change.

Cebu is an internationally well-known holiday destination. The new Terminal 2, as the gateway to tourist resorts in the region, is designed to echo a resort-like feel while function as a transport interchange. Its concept is contextual. Like a tropical grand indigenous house in The Philippines, the terminal has a high pitch roof and low eaves to fend off solar heat and glare. The uppermost structure is lightweight to withstand seismic activity and its form is well braced against typhoons. The superstructure is made from sustainable material and capable to be built by local craftsmen.

The building exudes simplicity and warmth to stand it apart from the institutional coldness typified by many airports. The new Terminal 2 is designed to offer a new experience for passengers.