AIA Hong Kong

Merit Award for Interior Architecture: Gaysorn Retail

Winner: CL3 Architects Limited
Award: Merit Award for Interior Architecture

Retail has taken on a new dimension since the introduction of on-line shopping. In order to compete, Retail Malls are no longer just about displaying merchandize, but needs to be curated concepts to give customers a unique experience, the concept of pop up stores are also becoming important to be alongside permanent stores to create constant excitement for each visit.

Gaysorn 2 is a unique retail experience with selected designer shops, pop-up concepts and dining experiences in a life style setting. In order to make this successful, the idea of porosity and visual linkage becomes the key concept for the design. The floor plates are designed in curves with openings to allow visual connection among all levels. The floor slabs are suspended by steel cables to allow for column free, flexible spaces accentuating the curve, fluid forms. A central element called the Cocoon, a 15 meter tall structure symbolizing the innovative mall, uses sustainable timber from Thailand and creates a gathering hub for visitors and a great instagram moment.