AIA Hong Kong

Merit Award for Unbuilt: Mansion 80

Winner: Integrated Design Associates Ltd
Award: Merit Award for Unbuilt

There are 7 key points that determines the value of residential project: location, urban convenience, view, security, privacy, architectural uniqueness, and exclusivity. Of all the most expensive residential projects in the world, they are all in major international cities such as New York, London, and Hong Kong. Location arguably is the most important factor to determine the value of residential projects. However, the trade-off for city locale is the sacrifice for space. Villas, on the opposite end, is the spatially luxurious typology can only exist in the suburbs. This project expands upon the typical idea of simplex and duplex towers, and evolves the villa typology in an urban context. Mansion 80 Renai Rd. Taipei is a high end residential tower located in the most prestigious residential area of Taipei City. To create a true villa experience in a dense urban fabric, the design challenges the limitations of the stacking towers while retaining the exclusivity, privacy, luxury, and architectural unique qualities that come with a villa. In the site area of only 1600m2, all 23 units have their own private exclusive ground lobby, and elevator. The result is a truly different circulation logic that unfolds the liberating villa lifestyle experience. Mansion 80 is a one of a kind oasis in the urban concrete jungle.