AIA Hong Kong

Honor Award for Urban Design: Nantong Green Corridor

Winner: AECOM Asia Company Limited
Award: Honor Award for Urban Design

The Nantong Green Corridor provides drainage to the Yangtze River delta and covers approximately 836 hectare of previously used industrial areas and newly urbanized areas stretching 7.5 km from north to south, in Nantong, Jiangsu province, China.

The project aims to regain the forest cover and waterways that once connected these areas before the rapid industrialization, agricultural practices and pollution drastically changed the landscape. The drainage corridor will help mitigate and stabilize the existing pollutants found in the soil and water.

It was designed to act as “green infrastructure” providing storm water treatment for the urban areas surrounding Nantong as well as provide one large multifunctional regional park complete with wildlife habitat, park amenities and multi-modal pathways to connect people together.

The overall park system promotes a healthy lifestyle for visitors and locals. Every space provides a variety of programming for people of all ages to experience and enjoy, such as different kinds of sports, bicycling, gathering etc. interacting with nature and the city.

The importance of the project has been realized both from a “green infrastructure” aspect as well as a catalyst for investment. The population in the area has grown from 180,000 from 2009 to 212,000 in 2017 and has created communities along the corridor that all use the parkspace.

As part of the Nantong’s development vision, the project will be one piece of a larger strategy to provide an ecological green belt around the city in addition to creating a catalyst for new sustainable development.