AIA Hong Kong

Honor Award for Urban Design: An urban micro-Renewal Project for Guangzhou Tianhe CBD

Winner: AECOM Asia Company Limited
Award: Honor Award for Urban Design

Guangzhou Tianhe CBD is one of the three major Central Business Districts in China. This project is highly significant and impactful not only for its size and scale (20 sq. km), but also as a milestone of the urban redevelopment which advocates an innovative mechanism for city governance.

The visionary goal of the project is to foster a booming CBD as a livable community with local identity—the vivid vitality of Ling’nan culture. The team developed the holistic Quintuple Value System, including sharing communities, dynamic activities, vibrant streets sensible environments and human-centric public services, which will be the guiding principles in the improvement process and will lead to the formation of the implementation plans.

Moreover, a refined network of public realm with emphasis on POPS (Privately-Owned Public Spaces) has been identified to be the “urban catalyst” to trigger future actions with both top-down and bottom-up efforts. The whole process of this project has been documented and reported by the influential local media. The final report will serve as long-term city-level strategic plan with action items and a guidebook to sustain mid to long-term urban revitalization for all stakeholders in the CBD and the city.