AIA Hong Kong

Merit Award for Interior Architecture: Origin of Thoughts by CL3 Architects Ltd.

Winner: CL3 Architects Ltd.
Award: Merit Award for Interior Architecture

A Hong Kong architect’s 40 year career is exhibited through drawings, studies, sketchbooks, art, furniture, and collections of inspirational items and a short film.

Based on a Chinese esthetics and planning principle, the exhibition is laid in 3 main parts: A central axis of inspiration items forming a “runway” leading to a large cylindrical shape display of 100 paintings suspended by a cable system as the focus of the exhibition.  To the right of this, 12 plywood tables lit by wet market lamps displaying archival materials describing the creative process.  To the left, an art installation made of paper envelops.  A screening room displays a short film which documents the built projects.

Simplicity in use of plywood as the only material, simple and bold graphics and focused use of lighting gives a consistent and strong DNA to the display.

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