AIA Hong Kong

Pak Tsz Lane Park, Hong Kong by Ronald Lu & Partners

Winner: Ronald Lu & Partners
Award: Merit Award for Urban Design

A century ago, the Furen Society, veiled in the alleyways of Pak Tsz Lane, sowed the seeds to the Xinhai Revolution. In 2011, its surrounding site has been revitalized as a courtyard park with conserved trees, old stone wall and a water well, and traced the footprint of historic settlement lot plans. With due respect to the as-found site formation and configuration, the park design comprises a feature pavilion, terraced exhibition spaces linked in ramps and a children play area. The park opens at the centenary of and commemorates this place as the breeding ground to the Xinhai Revolution.

While the design is humble with whitish wall plasters, Chinese granite pavers, recycled timber with script inscription, and bronze sculpture, the architectural elements are infused with revolutionary spirit. Visitors and locals both young and old can traverse time through space or rest in this hidden urban oasis.

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