AIA Hong Kong

Tencent Guangzhou Office by M Moser Associates Ltd.

Winner: M Moser Associates Ltd.
Award: Honor Award for Interior Architecture

This design was the result of a project to adaptively reuse six dilapidated factory buildings – part of a former textile industry site – into an inspiring, brand-defining workplace for Tencent, one of China’s leading social media companies.

Externally the buildings were restored but little changed from their original appearance, preserving their industrial character and a part of local history. To form them into a single campus, they were linked together with open-sided bridges.

Inside, a key feature is the main entrance foyer with its full-height internal facade of meeting and work areas. Their irregular shapes, shifts of material and colour, and the insertion of natural foliage combine to suggest a stand of trees. This impression is furthered by the ceiling’s ‘cloud’ contours and the natural light that floods the space.

An important aspect of the work areas are the mezzanine floors inserted into the buildings’ existing shell. These maximise the ex-factory’s vertical space, creating a ‘buildings within a buildings’ composed of layers of open-plan work, meeting and social spaces.

Re-use of existing structures, the installation of efficient lighting systems, and careful sourcing of materials (including recycled, reclaimed and low-VOC materials) contribute to the high level of sustainability achieved by the project.

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