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Merit Award for Unbuilt Project: The Urban Voids by Ping Jiang, AIA

Winner: Ping Jiang, AIA
Award: Merit Award for Unbuilt Project

The Urban Voids is a mixed use development with boutique retail and grade A office. The site is located in the most vibrant commercial district Guan Yin Qiao in Chongqing, one of the most populous Chinese cities and the economic engine of southwest China. Featuring its nature terrain and rivers, Chongqing has been developed a spectacular urban landscape. It is our deliberate effort to create a unique building that reflects the attributes of the site and is specific to the character of Chongqing.

The design is grounded in the city’s history, it is not intended as trophy object, but as integrated entities in a permeable urban complex. It is restrained yet ambitious. The pure geometry is proportioned for optimal performance, a comprehensive sustainability study includes urban wind environment analysis, daylight provision & lighting concept, solar heat gain control and material on embodied energy and life-cycle costing. It will become an identifiable landmark for Chongqing that is immediate and unique, while simultaneously remaining an integrated and representative piece of the mountain city’s rich culture, setting the standard for new mixed use development in China.

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