AIA Hong Kong

Tsing Yi Alliance Church + Community Centre by Theo Texture

Winner: Theo Texture
Award: Merit Award for Interior Architecture

The design was first inspired by its location, “Tsing Yi” – meaning green or blue clothes or a type of fish in Chinese. This is then translated into the main concept of “fish” together with nets, boats, fishermen, water, etc.

Timber slats are used to create the main features, including the plywood slat feature above the main staircase to bring people up from the lower level, then the two “waves” to usher people through two entrances into the main chapel at the upper level, and finally the two sides forming the backdrop at the main stage rolling open to reveal the cross, just as the tearing open of the veil at the temple when Jesus died. Number 7 is also an underlying concept as we used multiples of 7 for the number of wood slats used, number of lights at the entrance and the café, number of classrooms, etc. There are also graffiti illustrations of relevant Bible stories including “Jesus calming the storm” and “five loaves and 2 fishes.”

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