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Wolong Lake Waterfront Park by AECOM

Winner: AECOM
Award: Merit Award for Urban Design

Wolong Lake is located in Kangping County, the northern end of Shenyang City of Liaoning Province. As the largest lake in the area with profound water source, a swap of natural wetland surrounds Wolong Lake that provides habitats for migrating birds; and many of them endangered species. The superior ecological environment makes Wolong Lake part of the important green frontier in northern Liaoning, moderating the climate and ecosystem while preventing Ke’erqin Desert expanding from Inner Mongolia to the south.

Over the years, the unchartered wetland adjacent to the Lake had occupied by farmers and fishermen; parcels circled and fish farms built. Eventually, a levee was built around the Lake to prevent the waves and floods from eroding the residents’ properties. However, the levee also dissected the connection of the wetland and the Lake. The water circulation was cut off. It eroded away the life span of the wetland and expedited the demise of bird habitat. The green frontier was broken.

With the latest expansion of the County, the relationship between nature and urban environment was brought up to examine. When a waterfront park was planned to mark the entry from the new district to the Lake, it was determined to be an opportunity to revitalize the wetland and restore the green frontier. Low capacity development design approach ensured the wetland function well as the buffer between the Lake and the development from the city.

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