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What is AIA Hong Kong?

AIA Hong Kong, A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, was established in 1997 to serve the professional interests of the growing number of AIA member architects practicing in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific region.
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AIA Hong Kong Chapter Elections 2014

Dear AIA Hong Kong Member,

As you know, AIA Hong Kong is a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and is obligated to hold Chapter-wide elections each year for the following positions:

Vice President / President-elect 

Although these positions are voluntary and unpaid, it is important that qualified individuals contribute their time, experience and energy in whatever capacity they can to ensure that the Chapter continues to serve its members effectively.  The AIA relies heavily on the personal involvement and commitment of its members, so we encourage your participation either as an elected Officer or as a member of a Committee based on your area of interest. Note that self-nominations for these positions are also welcome.

Please click here for further details and send the completed Nomination Form(s) to the Chapter Office by 29 October 2014.  Your participation and involvement is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the AIA Hong Kong Chapter, we thank you in advance for your support.


Christian Low, AIA                                                     Sujata Govada, Assoc. AIA 
AIA Hong Kong Chapter President 2014                     AIA Hong Kong Chapter Vice-president / President-elect 2015

Support AIA San Fransisco’s vision for the future of the AIA

So you read through AIA San Fransisco’s bold vision, then listened to some 99% Invisible, and THEN supported the Radiotopia Kickstarter campaign. But you want to do more. Well after posting that last article, I had some brief communication with AIA San Fransisco. They have a petition to garner support for their revisioning of the AIA. I signed up. How about you? Would you be proud to be an active member of The American Institute of Architecture and Design? I sure would be.

AIA San Fransisco has a webpage that describes a bit more in detail what they want to see happen, and what their envisioned timeline would be. Please read through it here. Their scope of change is big. Their ideas are radical. Their proposals would result in disruption. But I’m a firm believer that it needs to happen. Read More>

AIA Hong Kong: The Golden Lands by Vikram Lall

Vikram Lall is the author of six books focusing on the architecture of Buddhism and his explorations of ancient and modern sites around the world. In this talk, the writer will present a brief architectural history of Buddhist stupas, temples and monasteries throughout the ages – and through the eyes of an architect. Using stunning photography and 3D diagrams, Lall has documented many historic and living Buddhist monuments in Southeast Asia including Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and other lesser-known sites in between. Read More>